Henryk M. Broder: "I'm not a critic of Islam, but a critic of the European policy of appeasement towards Islam."

Henryk M. Broder: "I'm not a critic of Islam, but a critic of the European policy of appeasement towards Islam."


 Since it became known that the Oslo-bomber quoted in his muddled manifesto Henryk M. Broder, the journalist is attacked violently. In the interview, defiantly: "I do what I want."

© DPA Henryk M. Broder Thilo Sarrazin He is next to the most prominent critic of Islam in Germany. With his polemical articles pointed to the 64-year-old makes a stir regularly. He has inter alia for "mirror", "World Week" and "Daily Mirror" written since 2011 Broder is the "world" working group. Especially on his own blog, "The Axis of Good" Broder repeatedly denounced the creeping Islamisation in Germany. A few days ago it was announced that the Oslo-bombers Behring Anders Breivik tangled in his manifesto quoted Broder. Since then, the publicist of parts of the press is accused of intellectual arson. Robert Misik called him about the "Taz" an "intellectual complicity."

Broder is currently waiting in Bavaria, where he new episodes of the satirical ARD series "Either Broder - The Germany-safari" around.
Mr. Broder, since it was revealed that the assassin of Oslo has quoted in his manifesto also confused you, you will be attacked in many media and as a "spiritual arsonist" means. In a article says, they showed "every, of whatever kind complicity in the attacks in Norway on its own." Furthermore you have very excited. Why?

The question is already looking deeply. Is the star a tribunal? You do not need more people's court, if one has the star? What does "He rejects any blame from themselves"? Have you ever wondered also a militant German anti-Zionists like Norman Paech, whether he accepts responsibility for the massacres in Palestine?
Bothers you that you will be taken in connection with the attacks in Norway?

No. What bothers me is that I will explain to the Stooges and copyright. In context, one can do anything.
They hardly shy away from a public debate and are accustomed to being criticized. Have reached the animosity against you in the past few days, a new dimension?

Selectively I know that already. In this ferocity that is new. There are some people who pay the old bills with me. This is legitimate, fine. The second group needs in their distress and despair a major opponent. And do not sit in Oslo in prison, but lives in Germany. This is something which happens frequently in this society: that we must reduce a complex relationship. You need a scapegoat. When I belonged to a tribe, who invented Christianity, Marxism and psychoanalysis, I am willing to assume the responsibility for it. A few names come before the other hand did not, I have my friends with Leon de Winter and Hamed Abdel-Samad said recently, the two are injured because they are mentioned in the whole complex is not appropriate. Why do all kaprizieren on me, I do not know.
They are after all the most prominent critic of Islam besides Thilo Sarrazin, Germany.

I'm in the Islam debate forward fairly involved, so far there was no way I attach something. Now these mad bombers quoted the Norwegian blogger Fjordman, who in turn quoted me. None of the people who now descend on me, make the effort to perform even a single proof that I said something, the same content as the blogger. I have nothing against mosques and I have nothing against equal rights for immigrants. I would have voted in Switzerland against the ban on minarets. That now all I have to let off steam, some collective psychosis. A portion of the public is simply disengaged. Since each ratio has exposed.
There is also a rational component: Many see the anti-Islamic discourse in Germany generally discredited.

That people who criticize Islam, to be complicit in the assassination, so when I would accuse the star that he was complicit in Palestinian attacks, just because he occasionally friendly reports about Palestinian resistance fighters. This is exactly the same analogy.
However, they hit for years in the same line always: If you have not thus to the hysterization - contributed to the problems of Islam - exist without doubt?

If the other party ceases to pursue cartoons and commit honor killings, then the critics of Islam will cease to criticize Islam. Of course that's always the same line.
Her former colleagues Alan Posener writes: ".. Ideas have consequences Words have consequences not see who wants this relationship, is now not even in leftist circles as to take really seriously." What follows from the set for you?

Of course, words have consequences. The more one knows, but only retrospectively, whether they had consequences. Most words have consequences. Should we therefore say nothing at all - so it is misunderstood in any case? The words of the chairman, Gerhard Schroeder had no consequences, which had by Chairman Mao Tse-tung consequences. But you know, unfortunately, only afterwards. Alan Posener has written a book about the Pope and called him to be dangerous. If you want, you could understand this as a call by Pope assault anyone.
Meanwhile, some newspapers called for moderation in this overheated debate: Your critics should stop, you push the blame for the attacks in the shoes, but you should other critics of Islam and moderate the tone somewhat.

I had to make a suggestion: We do it in a magazine empire chamber, and will set the cornerstone of the debate, may make what is and what is not. As long as this did not happen, I do what I want.
When you write again soon a text on the subject of Islamization in Europe: Will you have a pair of scissors in the head, a little censor who urges more caution in the choice of words?

That's a good question. I hope not.
So far you've been dealt in confrontations and plugged. We never had the impression that you take it personally. Has this changed now?

No, it will not. I sleep well, have continued healthy appetite. Even my sciatic pain has subsided. That must have to do with adrenaline. Incidentally, I'm not a critic of Islam, but a critic of the European policy of appeasement towards Islam.

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