Spain: No to "contract garbage"..

Spain: No to "contract garbage"..

Spain: The solution to high unemployment is a "progressive single contract" not new "contract garbage" featuring Rubalcaba ..

Enrik Vázquez & Mateo Mathaus

The current Spanish labor system eliminates the meritocracy and a system that rewards meritocracy is over, at least in the competitive world in which we live.
But if things are as they are for something is not that the Spanish do bad things on a whim. Why protect the worker? On the one hand it is obvious that the power relationship between employee and employer is asymmetrical. But that’s not the most important, at least not from my point of view, since that’s where the problem lies is the lack of productive and existing business culture that tips the balance to one side, a problem that should be covered from another perspective. In my view the protection of workers is also due to the effects of past legislation, it is fair, or I see it, if a worker has helped "build" a company also will be rewarded for it. On the other hand could give examples relating to the "life development" of the person, as it could be more helpful is it to be the father of a family who is not?
We are a young and old, nobody looks at us as "suspects", but recognize that is not the same as a 20 or 30 years lying down, that the protagonist is 50 or 60 and is responsible a great responsibility. It is not the same. Surely there are those who think that person must be 50 to 60 years to save for what might happen, and it is true, but if everyone in Spain was loose at the end of the month and we had high salaries then there is a debate the labor market because everything would be great, but it is not.
Ultimately severance payments are nothing more than a part of wages, so how easy is to simplify, to request the removal, and to increase wages. The problem is that while some workers would benefit, there is an important profile that would not. I do not know if you agree with me but the vital development or merit should not be made conditional on certain profile. However, the measures taken may not be as "brutal" to create a real duality in the labor market and break the meritocracy. In this case all lose because no one standing will be fine.
We need a system to meritocracy, which is not dual, which benefits who do well regardless of their profile. Is there? The current proposals are in two directions. Some propose some sort of hopping single contract, first with "zero" protection and then "low" protection. The other proposed arising from the current failed model without substantial changes to avoid seeing that this is one of the worst systems in the world labor market.
There is a third way, and is now wanted to present: the progressive single contract. From FEDEA long being promoted this concept, I recommend reading what they say about it. And it matches my prior diagnosis or not, opinions are for everyone, it seems to be some consensus on the solution, which is as follows.
As you can guess, the only progressive contract is one where all workers are treated the same, but in which who remains on the company performance is rewarded and who does not (other discussion is the mobility, the Austrian model , etc). Thus, compared to the current situation where some enjoy the benefits and others suffer the consequences, anyone here would have the maximum rights to eight years old, with a great benefit to seniors. The system "does not reward the dismissal" in the first year there would be 12 days per year worked, at 15 seconds if someone is "good" would not pay him out and hire someone simply because they acquired "too many rights "or too much for what the company could afford. This system rewards the hiring, rewards those who remain in the company (and will if he does well) and not cut right. In short this is a model that eliminates the duality and the meritocracy rewards without this is the worker who has to suffer the consequences. Or what is the same, a model that fits perfectly in today’s Spain, the question remains whether he can implement this opinion. Hopefully it.

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