The Rhodes Ahead: The First Lady's Trip to China‏...

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The Rhodes Ahead: The First Lady's Trip to China

First Lady Michelle Obama is in China for an official visit, meeting with students and visiting historical and cultural sites across the country. Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes and Chief of Staff to the First Lady Tina Tchen sat down to preview the trip.

Learn more about her visit, and find out how you can participate and follow along.

 Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes and the First Lady's Chief of Staff Tina Tchen preview First Lady Michelle Obama's official visit to China.


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 Today's Schedule

All times are Eastern Time (ET)

11:00 AM: The President delivers a statement on Ukraine

11:05 AM: The President departs the White House

11:20 AM: The President departs Joint Base Andrews

1:25 PM: The President arrives in Orlando, Florida

2:00 PM: The President takes part in a roundtable with Valencia College students and local workers

2:30 PM: The President delivers remarks on improving economic opportunity for women and working families

3:45 PM: The President departs Orlando, Florida

4:35 PM: The President arrives in Miami, Florida

5:10 PM: The President attends a DNC event

6:30 PM: The Vice President attends an event for Representative Steve Israel

7:35 PM: The President delivers remarks and answer questions at a DCCC dinner

8:50 PM: The President departs Miami, Florida

11:05 PM: The President arrives at Joint Base Andrews

11:20 PM: The President arrives at the White House


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