The White House: Coverage for 50 Dollars Per Month‏...

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Coverage for $50 Per Month

As a Department of Health and Human Services report shows, half of single young adults eligible for the Health Insurance Marketplace could get coverage for $50 a month or less -- or less than your cable bill.

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Half of single, uninsured young adults between 18 and 35 can get covered for $50/month or less



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President Obama Welcomes FBI Director James Comey

Yesterday, President Obama welcomed James Comey to his new post as the seventh Director of the FBI. Comey previously worked as an attorney and later served as Deputy Attorney General at the Department of Justice. At the FBI Headquarters, the President praised Comey’s dedication, judgment, and commitment to the ideals of the FBI.


Hurricane Sandy: Recovery Efforts One Year Later

Nearly one year ago, communities across a dozen states in the Northeast experienced the devastating and tragic effects of Hurricane Sandy. But brick by brick, block by block, they are rebuilding.


White House Fall Garden Instagram Meetup

For more than 40 years, the White House has opened its doors and welcomed visitors from across the country to tour the grounds and gardens. This past Sunday, we invited photo enthusiasts who follow the White House on Instagram to join us for the first-ever White House InstaMeet.


  Today’s Schedule

All times are Eastern Time (ET)

10:15 AM: The President and the Vice President receive the Presidential Daily Briefing

11:00 AM: The President meets with senior advisors

11:45 AM: The President meets with CEOs on Cybersecurity Framework

12:30 PM: The President and Vice President meet for lunch

12:30 PM: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jay Carney

3:00 PM: The President delivers remarks at a Memorial Service for former Speaker Tom Foley WATCH LIVE

4:45 PM: The President and Vice President meet with Secretary of Defense Hagel

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