Helping Small Businesses through Sandy‏..

  • Helping Small Businesses through Sandy‏

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012
Helping Small Businesses through Sandy

Was your small business, or the small business of someone you know, affected by Hurricane Sandy? As Small Business Administration (SBA) Administrator Karen G. Mills explains, "Getting businesses and communities up and running after a disaster is our highest priority at SBA," which is why the Small Business Administration has resources to help you rebuild your business or your home.

Get more information about SBA’s resources, or forward to someone you know who’s been affected.

Helping Small Businesses through Sandy

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Here are some of the top stories from the White House blog:

President Obama Gets Update on Storm Relief at FEMA
Following a briefing with FEMA leaders and Cabinet officers on Saturday in Washington DC, President Obama stressed the importance of making sure all those who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy know that help is available for them.

Weekly Address: Recovering and Rebuilding After the Storm
In this week’s address, President Obama thanks the brave first responders and National Guardsmen for their tireless work following one of the worst storms in our nation’s history.

How to Help the Survivors of Hurricane Sandy
As recovery and cleanup in the wake of Hurricane Sandy starts along much of the East Coast, people across the country are asking what they can do to offer aid to their fellow Americans.

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2:15 PM: The Vice President Dr. Biden arrive Chicago, Illinois

TBD: The President delivers remarks at a campaign event; The Vice President, the First Family, and Dr. Biden also attend

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