"There was not this green wave in my time..."..

"There was not this green wave in my time..."..

Maria Nelly Diaz Suffice
The Green Wave

In line at the supermarket, the cashier told a lady who should bring their own shopping bag because plastic bags were not good for the environment.

The lady apologized and explained:
... "There was not this green wave in my time."
The employee replied:
"That's our problem now. Your generation does not
took sufficient care to preserve our environment. "
He was right - that our generation did not go green at the time.
Back then, milk bottles, soda bottles and beer were returned to the store. The store sent them back to the plant to be washed and sterilized before refilling, so could you use the same bottles over and over again. So, actually recycled.
But we did not go green in our times.
We climbed the stairs, because there was no escalators in each trade and office.
We walked to the store instead of riding in our vehicle 300 horsepower whenever needed to go two blocks.
But he was right.
We did not go green today.
By then, we washed the diapers of babies because there was disposable.
Clothes on clotheslines dried ourselves, not in these energy-shaking machine at 220 volts - solar and wind energy really dried our clothes.
The boys wore the clothes of their older siblings, not always new outfits. But that lady is right:
did not have a green wave today.
At that time we had a television or radio in the house - not a TV in every room. And had a little screen TV the size of a handkerchief (remember?), Not a pantallota the size of a stadium.
In the kitchen, ground and beat by hand because there was no electrical machines do everything for us.
When we packed something fragile to mail, we used crumpled newspaper to protect it, not plastoformos or plastic pellets.
In those times there lighting a gasoline engine and burn them just to cut the grass.
We used a lawnmower that ran on muscle.
He worked out at work, so we did not need to go to a gym to run on tracks that run on electricity mechanical. But she is right:
in those days there was a green wave.
We drank from a fountain when we were thirsty, rather than use plastic cups or bottles every time you had to drink water.
The fountain pen ink Recargábamos, instead of buying a new, we changed the razor blades instead of throwing away all the razor blade just because he lost his edge.
But we had a green wave at the time.
In those days, people take the tram or a bus and the boys were on their bikes or walked to school, instead of using the mother as a taxi service 24 hours.
We had an outlet in every room, not a bank of outlets to power a dozen artifacts.
And we did not need an electronic device to receive signals from satellites miles away in space to find the nearest pizza parlor.
So is not it unfortunate that the current generation is lamenting how old we were oddballs for not having the green wave in our time?

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