Spain: The snake has risen..A previous trial as before the Second World War?

Spain: The snake has risen..A previous trial as before the Second World War?

The snake has risen
By Eduardo Goligorsky
The metaphor of the serpent’s egg hatch where the Nazi and Communist totalitarianism is obsolete. The two reptiles were cremated adults and one died in Hitler’s bunker. The other was we finally buried by the rubble of the Berlin Wall, but we were wrong: it has risen.

And not only the heterodox model satrapies Chinese and some Third World countries. Today, a clan of sectarian ideologues appropriated the spoils recycled and revived reptile exhibits in the agora of the civilized world to lure young idealists and turn them once more in disposable cannon fodder that feeds the belly of Moloch totalitarian .

The fine smell Carrillo

The precursors of this stratagem was, oddly enough, the last decrepit Julio Anguita and now Minister Zapatero Rosa Aguilar, who in 1996 sponsored a triptych of Izquierda Unida entitled "Put your voice vote" inviting them to join " students, rockers, socialist, lesbian, squats, potheads, piercing enthusiasts, immigrants, homosexuals, artists, Republicans, "and the rebellious, unemployed, punks, workers and revolutionaries (La Vanguardia, 11/05/1996).

And when the dream 15-M public (08/07/2011) floated to the inevitable Santiago Carrillo to give his opinion, and again the snake stuck its head everlasting, which, as toothless and turned into snakes by their excessive skin changes , inspired more pity than fear. It was also uncovered with the assertion that the last term has reminded "the situation of the two Spains, 1936." What a hidden region of paleoencéfalo nostalgia persists for the killing of Paracuellos Jarama offensive or suicide maquis in the Aran valley? Also surfaced in the old Bolshevik who signed an article in El Pais (4/8/20ll), where, after extended certificate of authenticity to the movement of 15-M, predicted "a clash between the peoples and governments (.. .) In a few European countries will raise the battle in the streets. And it can result in large uprisings that could become genuine revolutionary movements. " The fine sense of smell seems to have captured Carrillo notice the stench of vandalism in London, he will play, with reptilian logic as "genuine revolutionary movements."

Years of Lead

The ineffable CarrilloLos proselytizing pamphlets, dreams of an old conspirator reptilian always failed (how soon a revised and expanded reissue of the essential and undiscoverable Misery and greatness of the Communist Party of Spain, Gregorio Morán?) And camping are just folk colorful episodes that accompany the awakening of the real snake, which conceals the venom gland secretory ophidian. A gland that also has name.

Antonio (aka "Toni") Negri was born in Padua on August 1, 1933. It was a political science professor in his hometown and became leader of Operaia Autonomia in the seventies, the years of lead that bloodied Italy. He was arrested in 1979 and charged, along with other comrades, "armed insurrection against the powers of state." He was sentenced to 30 years in prison, a sentence the Supreme Court reduced to 12 years in 1988. Instead, he was acquitted of the charge of being the real leader of the Red Brigades, the terrorist who kidnapped and killed Christian Democrat leader Aldo Moro by.

After four and a half years in prison, was released in 1983 when he was elected to the Italian Parliament on the lists of the Radical Party. When the House voted shortly after the repeal of his parliamentary immunity and fled to Paris, where he served as professor at the University of Paris VIII during the 14 years he lived there. In 1997 he returned to Italy to serve the remainder of his sentence, but after a couple of years he hosted a home detention scheme.

And it is this champion of terrorist intelligentsia who wrote, together with Professor Michael Hardt, Duke University, the book Empire (Paidos Ibérica, 2002), handbooks for the "outraged" moderately cultured, who despise intellectual disability Indignaos famous!, Stéphane Hessel.

The key to the quest

Empire is the basis of "mob rule" that the RAE Dictionary defines as "the government of the crowd or the mob." Leaving aside the mob, which is of no practical use to the elite which is expressed through Negri, is the crowd or the crowd, as the author canonically baptized, to serve as a spearhead in the tumultuous and brainless ophidic crusade against the Empire. And I say mindless because the brain and Negri put it catechumens. Interestingly, the rule is an entity so diffuse and elusive as the crowd. Be equated with the parts used to build the paranoid conspiracy plots that populate his delusions. Negri writes:

In contrast to imperialism, Empire establishes no center of power and does not rely on fixed boundaries or barriers. It is a decentered and apparatus deterritorializing domain that progressively incorporates the entire global land within their borders open and in constant expansion. Empire manages hybrid identities, flexible hierarchies and plural exchanges through networks of adaptive control.

But here is the key to the emancipatory gesture. Attention, campers:

The passage to Empire and its processes of globalization offer new possibilities to the forces of liberation. Of course, globalization is not an isolated phenomenon and the multiple processes that we recognize as globalization are not unified nor univocal. Our political task, as I will argue in this book is not merely to resist these processes, is to reorganize and redirect them toward new ends. The creative forces of the multitude that sustain Empire are also capable of autonomously constructing a contraimperio, an alternative political organization of global flows and exchanges. Struggles for combat and subvert Empire, as well as those aimed at building a real alternative, it must rid itself imperial field-in fact, these new struggles have already begun to emerge.

The crowd flattered

San Francisco AsísLa crowd. The crowd flattered and powerful, get, finally, the teacher’s doctorate in subversion:

The action of the crowd is mainly political when it begins to confront directly and with a proper sense of the central repressive operations of Empire. It is about recognizing and addressing the imperial initiatives and not allow them to restore order continuously, it’s about crossing boundaries and breaking and new segmentations tax labor collective, seeks to bring together these experiences of resistance and wielding against the centers in concert nerve of Imperial control.

It is impossible to avoid the copying of the final paragraph of the book because the author summarizes here what it means to him and to his catechumens, backward and archaic version of Communist totalitarianism who want to impose, always with the leitmotif of the crowd.

There is an old story that may serve to illustrate the future life of communist militancy: that of Saint Francis of Assisi. Consider his work. To denounce the poverty of the multitude, adopted the common position and she discovered the ontological value of a new society. The communist militant does the same, identifying the enormous wealth that lies in the common condition of the crowd. San Francisco, in opposition to nascent capitalism, repudiated all instrumental discipline, and opposition to the mortification of the flesh (in poverty and in the established order), proposed a joyful life that included all beings and all nature, animals, Brother Sun and Sister Moon, the birds of the countryside, the poor and exploited human beings, all together against the will of power and corruption. In postmodernity, we find ourselves again in the situation of St. Francis of Assisi, and propose to the misery of power the joy of being. This is a revolution that no power can control, because biopower and communism, cooperation and revolution remain together, in love, simplicity and innocence. This is the irrepressible lightness and joy of being communist.

A mental pie

The fact that Antonio Negri write and acting from an amazing empanada mental dimensions should not be alarmed if a poet or a novelist prone to eccentric genres grow, because it might even enhance their work. But this is a writer but an ideologue that seeks to indoctrinate also the crowd, according to its own vocabulary. The ophidian venom-secreting gland is activated each time your speech transmitted to the gullible, frivolous or perverse, the defense of a murderer who is reborn from its ashes like the monsters of horror films of George Romero. What Lola Galán Negri confessed in a fit of candor (El País, 27/10/2001) shows that Negri modeled one guided by the teachings Arcadia copies of the Poor of Assisi, but a vast gulag run by sadistic policy of Lavrenti Beria:

It irritates the people who analyze everything in terms of anti-Soviet. It was a position that has provoked a war, the Cold War, and now there is a lot (sic) people who have nostalgia for this era, both in former Soviet countries and outside them (...) Yet the Soviet with eastern aspects, with its tradition Tsarist with totalitarianism, was a great stream of civilization. Nevertheless, Stalin managed to advance to the USSR in terms of productivity to levels that the Taliban have failed (sic).

They see the duster

The barley and rejuvenated snake does not lose hope to expand its territory, and although Lavrenti Beria in his bibliography does not contain enough to approach their media to see them the duster. Le Monde Diplomatique, July 2011, in addition to playing a grotesque anthology of over 200 statements "outraged" that "are, in some ways, a new revolutionary discourse," we foist two articles which should be bases of updated with a snake skin "new left". In one, Henry James, after celebrating, of course, "the establishment of socialist regimes in Eastern Europe" after the defeat of Nazism, and denounce the entente between the right and the Socialist International, reports that:

The real left should push a Republican State, Federal and Unitary (sic), in which all citizens feel free and are actually the same, thus strengthening the feeling of belonging to a common project of country that can not be other than III Spanish Republic.

I do not know why the "real left" me reminiscent of the "real communism", which is associated with the longing "socialist regimes of Eastern Europe" makes me recall again the image of Lavrenti Beria.

And the shadow of Antonio Negri and his affinity with terrorism is projected onto the other article where the snake is updated. Professor James Shepherd, UNED rotten cooks a pot where they mix "a left defender recognition of multinationality at state," and left Bildu growing radical nationalists "in other parts of the state, as we see in Catalonia ( sic) with the nominations of national unity. "

But does not exhibit a terrorist snake ETA in its emblem? Bildu could give to the New Left as a symbol of brotherhood. The Brotherhood of the Serpent....

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