Fact 1: Since the establishment of the State of Israel, is being committed, without compassion, a
genocide against Muslims and / or Arabs. Fact 2: The Middle East conflict between Israel and Arabs
as a whole and against the Palestinians in particular, is regarded as the central conflict in the world
today. Fact 3: According to surveys, conducted in the European Union, Israel holds first place
as "Danger to world peace." In Holland, for example, 74% of the population holds this point
view. Neither Iran nor North Korea. Israel.
By connecting these findings creates one of the biggest disappointments of modern times: Israel
regarded as the country responsible for every calamity, misfortune and hardship. It is dangerous for peace
world not only for the Arab or Muslim world.
How does the disappointment?
The finger is pointed cleverly. It is difficult to blame Israel for the genocide in Sudan or civil war
in Algeria. How do you do? Dozens of publications, articles, books, newspapers and websites are
dedicated to one purpose: to turn Israel into a state that ceaselessly perpetrates crimes
war. In Jakarta and in Khartoum they burn the Israeli flag and London, Oslo and Zurich, hate articles are
published, supporting the destruction of Israel.
Any request in Internet search, the words "genocide" against "Muslims", "Arabs" or
"Palestinians" in the context of "Zionists" or "Israel" will give us endless results. Even after filtering
the trash, we are left with millions of publications written in deadly seriousness.
This abundance brings results. It works like brainwashing. It is the accepted position, and not just a
fringe opinion. Just five years ago we witnessed an international show anti - Israeli Convention
Durban. Just two years ago we were shocked when a member of our Academia blamed Israel
of 'symbolic genocide' against the Palestinian people. Much Ado About Nothing. There are thousands of publications
blaming Israel of genocide and not in a "symbolic."
Under the umbrella of an academic or a journalist, now Israel is compared to a fucking Nazi past. In
conclusion, there are those who call to terminate the 'Zionist project. " And, in simpler words, and
Israel is a country that perpetrates so many war crimes and engages in ethnic cleansing and genocide, no
has the right to exist. This, for example, is the essence of an article by a Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder
(Author of "Sophie's World" / Sophie's World), which stated, inter alia: "We call on the murderers of
children by name. " The conclusion is that Israel has no right to exist.
The tragedy is that in Arab and Muslim countries, is happening a slaughter. A genocide protected
the silence of the world, a genocide protected by a disappointment, perhaps, is unprecedented in
history of humanity, a genocide that has no connection to Israel, Zionism and the Jews, genocide,
mainly Arabs and Muslims, in the hands of Arabs and Muslims.
It is a matter of opinion or viewpoint. Is the result of an objective examination, as precise as possible,
the number of victims of various wars and conflicts that have occurred since the establishment of the State
of Israel to the present, as an ongoing slaughter. In fact, it is, death on a massive scale.
Slaughter. Is the annihilation of villages and cities and whole populations. And the world remains
silence. Muslims are being abandoned. Are killed and the world remains silent. And
if you bother to open his mouth, does not complain about the murders. No complaint of those who perpetrate these
crimes against humanity. It complains about Israel.
And the world remains
September 22, 2006
This great deception, that covers up the real facts, endures and even continues to grow for one reason:
the Western media and academics involved in it. In endless publications, books, newspapers and websites
Web, Israel is portrayed as a state that perpetrates "war crimes", "ethnic cleansing" and "murder
systematic. " Sometimes it's hot, sometimes accidentally, sometimes it is the result of hypocrisy
and double standards. Sometimes it's new and old anti-Semitism of the left and right, overt or covert. The
Most bloody smears are refuted, shortly after coming to light. The bloody
libel of modern times, against the State of Israel, continues to grow. Many Israelis and Jews
serve as accomplices to feed slander.
The Arab - Israeli conflict
Zionist settlement in this country, which began in the late nineteenth century, created a conflict between Jews and
Arab. The number of dead in various clashes, until the establishment of the State of Israel, not
was more than a few thousand, both Jews and Arabs. The majority of Arabs killed in those
years, they were in armed struggles between the Arabs themselves, such as during the days of the Great
Arab Revolt of 1936 to 1939. That was a sign of how things would be. Many others were
killed as a result of the heavy hand exerted by the British. Israel never did anything like that.
The War of Independence of Israel, also known as the War of '48, left between 5,000 to 15,000
dead, Palestinians and Arab citizens. In that war, as in any other war,
atrocities occurred. The attackers declared their goal, and if they had won, would have been a
mass extermination of Jews. For Israel, too, was savage acts, encouraged by groups
marginal. Less, much less, than in any other war in modern times. Much less
what is perpetrated every day, these same times, by Muslims, mainly against
Muslims in Sudan or Iraq.
The next event of importance was the Sinai War in 1956. About 1,650 Egyptians were
killed, some 1,000 in the hands of Israelis, and about 650 by the French and British forces.
Then came the Six Day War (1967). Estimated figures higher than 21,000 speak Arabic
dead on all three fronts: Egypt, Syria and Jordan.
Yom Kippur War (1973), resulted in 8,500 Arab dead, in two fronts: Egypt and Syria.
Then there were wars "smaller": the first Lebanon War, initially, was against the PLO
(Palestine Liberation Organization) and not against Lebanon. It was a war within a war.
Were the years of bloody civil war in Lebanon, a war to be discussed below. And so,
in the second Lebanon War, which were killed about 1,000 Lebanese.
Thousands of Palestinians were killed during the Israeli occupation in the territories, which began in the late
Six Day War. Most were killed during the two intifadas, the first, which began in 1987,
with a balance of 1,800 Palestinians killed, which began in 2000, with a score of 3,700
Palestinians killed. Between these two dates, there were more military actions that caused more victims
Arab fatal. If we exaggerate, we can say that it was more than a hundred were killed. Hundreds.
Not hundreds of thousands. Not millions.
The total count reaches about 60,000 Arabs killed in the framework of the Arab - Israeli conflict. Among them
only a few thousand Palestinians while it is for them, and only because of them that Israel is the target of hate
the world. Every Arab and Muslim death is regrettable. And it is right to criticize Israel. But criticism
obsessive and demonic emphasizes a much more startling: the silence of the world, or at least a
relative silence, against the systematic extermination of millions of others, perpetrated by regimes
Arabs and Muslims.
The price of the blood of Muslims
Henceforth, we must ask: How many Arabs and Muslims were killed during those
same years in other countries (for example, Russia or France) and many Arabs, Muslims and others, were
killed during those years by Arabs and Muslims? The information gathered here is based on several
research institutes, academic bodies, international organizations (such as Amnesty and
other institutions of Human Rights), UN and government representatives.
In many cases, different organizations have different and contradictory numbers. Sometimes
the differences reach hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions. Probably never know the
precise number. However, even the lowest agreed numbers, and present a breathtaking panorama
horrendous. In addition, time is too short to register bloody conflicts, even they are
covered in these lists, although they carry a higher balance of human victims around the price
blood in the Arab - Israeli conflict.
A few years after the establishment of the State of Israel began another war of independence. In
This time it was Algeria against France, between the years 1954 to 1962. The number of casualties on the Muslim side
is a controversial issue. According to official sources in Algeria, over one million. Some institutes
Research in the West tend to accept that number. French sources tried in the past,
declare that it was only a quarter of a million Muslims, with 100,000 additional Muslims
who collaborated with the French. But those figures are seen as biased estimates and low.
Currently, there is no doubt that the French killed nearly 600,000 Muslims. And are the French
those who are constantly lecturing Israel, the Israel that throughout the history of their conflict with the Arabs
did not reach even a tenth of that number. Even at that time, according to assessments
more severe.
The slaughter in Algeria continues. During the 1991 elections the Islamic Salvation Front was elected
by voting. The election results were annulled by the military. Since that time, a
continuing civil war raging between the central government, supported by the army and Islamist movements. Of
According to various estimates figures, there was, so far, about 100,000 victims, mostly
innocent civilians. In almost all cases, it was horrific massacres of whole villages, women, children
and the elderly, a slaughter in the name of Islam
A country torn by campaigns of destruction, almost all Arab - Muslim north, which
control the country, and south, with black people. Two civil wars occurred in this country and slaughter,
sponsored by the government, took place in recent years in the district of Darfur. Civil War
spread between the years 1955 to 1972. Moderate estimated figures speak of 500,000 victims. In
1983, began the second civil war. But it was not civil war but a systematic slaughter,
properly defined as "genocide." The aim was to Islamization, Arabization and mass deportation
that occasionally became killing-too-taking control of the giant fields
oil. We're talking about an estimated 1.9 million victims.
The division between Muslims and other victims is unclear. The great Noba district, populated by many
a black Muslim, received his share of horrors. The Muslims, who were black, were not granted
any favors. Since coming to power of radical Islam, under the spiritual guidance of Dr. Hassan Thorabi the
Algeria summary:
500,000 to 1,000,000 in the War of Independence;
100,000 in the Civil War in the '90s.
the situation worsened. It is probably the worst series of crimes against humanity since the Second
World War. We're talking about ethnic cleansing, deportations, mass murder, slave trade,
force application of the laws of Islam, taking children to their parents and more. Million became
refugees. As far as we know, there are millions of publications about the "Right of Return"
Sudanese, and no petitions by intellectuals negating Sudan's right to exist.
Recent years have dealt with Darfur. Again Muslims (Arabs) are murdering Muslims
(Black) and pagans, and the numbers are unclear. Conservative estimates speak of about 200,000
victims and other, higher, say they are 600,000. No one knows how accurate. And the killing continues.
Through the atrocities in Sudan, the massacre was perpetrated mainly by the Arab Muslim regime
and that the vast majority of victims, if not all, are black, of all religions, including Muslims.
This is a network that does not stop, of mass murder. The Soviet invasion, which began on December 24
1979 and ended on February 2, 1989, left about a million dead. Other estimates say
than 1,500,000 civilians killed and an additional 90,000 soldiers.
After the withdrawal of Soviet forces, Afghanistan went through a series of civil wars and conflicts
between supporters of the Soviets, the Mojahidin and the Taliban. Each group carried out a doctrine of
mass extermination of their opponents. The sum of fatalities in civil war until the invasion of
Coalition forces under American leadership (in 2001) is, around one million.
There are those who complain, and rightly so, of the carnage that took place as a result of coalition
offensive to topple the Taliban regime as part of an armed conflict against Al Qaeda. Well, the invasion
Afghanistan caused a relatively small number of deaths, less than 10,000. If it had not happened,
could have seen a continuation of the genocide self - inflicted, with an average of 100,000 victims
fatalities per year.
Since 1977 this Muslim state in East Africa was involved in an endless civil war. The
estimated number of victims is closer to 550,000. It is Muslims killing mainly to
Muslims. UN attempts to intervene in order to keep the peace, finished
failure, as did later attempts by American forces.
Most of the victims died, not on battlefields, but as a result of a deliberate
starvation and killing of civilians in bombings aimed at civilians as a target (bombing
mass, district opponents, as the bombardment of Somaliland, which caused 50,000 deaths).
Summary of Sudan:
From 2,600,000 to 3,000,000.
Afghanistan Summary:
1,000,000 to 1,500,000, as a result of the Soviet invasion;
around one million in the civil war.
Somalia Summary: 400,000 to 500,000 victims in the civil war.
This country aspired to gain independence from Pakistan. Pakistan reacted with a military invasion that caused
mass destruction. It was a war, it was a slaughter. Between one and two million were systematically
liquidated in 1971. Some researchers define the events of that year in Bangladesh, as one of the
three major genocides in history (after the Holocaust and genocide in Rwanda).
An investigation panel appointed by the government of Bangladesh, was 1,247,000 of fatalities,
as the result of systematic killing of civilians by the armed forces of Pakistan.
There are also numerous reports of "death squads" in which "Muslim soldiers were
sent to execute mass killings of Muslim farmers. "
The Pakistani army ceased after the intervention of India, which suffered from waves of refugees arriving,
per million from Bangladesh. At least 150,000 were killed in retaliation after
withdrawal of the army of Pakistan.
The largest Muslim state in the world competes with Bangladesh for the dubious title of "Most
slaughter since the Holocaust. " The killing began with a communist uprising in 1965. In this
case, there are different assessments (on the number of fatalities). The accepted estimate talks about
400,000 Indonesians killed between 1965 to 1966, though, should strictly refer to a number
The slaughter was perpetrated by the army, led by Hag'i Mohammed Suharto, who seized power in
country during the 32 years later. An investigator of those years, said that the person who was
by suppressing the rebellion, General Srv Adei, admitted: "We killed two million, not one million, and we
good job. " By this argument, we are left with the lowest, a more acceptable. "
In 1975, after the end of the mandate Portuguese, East Timor announced its independence. In the space of little
time, was invaded by Indonesia, which ruled the area until 1999. During those years, between 100,000 and
200,000 people were killed, along with the total destruction of infrastructure.
Most of the destruction of the last two decades was by Saddam Hussein. This is another case of
a regime that killed millions. Incessant deaths. One of the highlights was during
the war between Iraq and Iran, a conflict on the Arab Chat river, the river that is created by the convergence of the rivers
Euphrates and Tigris. This was a conflict that led, by itself, to a large-scale destruction and murder
mass. Estimates range between 450,000 and 650,000 Iraqi and between 450,000 and 970,000 Iranians. Jews
Israelis and Zionists, to what is known, were not close.
Waves of purges, some politically motivated (opposition), some along ethnic (Kurdish minority) and
religious reasons (the government's Sunni minority against the Shiite majority), produced an astonishing number
victims. Estimates vary from one million, according to the report of Human Rights. Other
international organizations quote an assessment of half a million people dead.
In the years 1991 - 1992, there was an uprising in Iraq. There are conflicting assessments on the number of
victims. The figures vary between 40,000 to 200,000. In addition to the Iraqis killed must be added to
Kurds. During the reign of Saddam Hussein, between 200,000 and 300,000 Kurds were killed in a
genocide continued in the '80s and '90s.
Summary of Bangladesh:
Between 1,400,000 and 2,000,000.
Summary of Indonesia:
400,000 dead, with an additional between
100,000 and 200,000 in East Timor.
Lebanon summary: 130,000
Over half a million more Iraqis died from diseases because of the shortage of medicines, result
of sanctions imposed after the Gulf War. Today it is clear that it was the continuation of
genocide perpetrated by Saddam on his own people. He could have taken drugs, had
enough money to buy food and build hospitals for all the children of Iraq, but Saddam
preferred to build palaces, distribute franchises in the West and Arab states. This issue is
exposing the corruption of the "Oil for Food" ("Oil for Food") of United Nations.
Iraqis continue to suffer. The civil war that is causing there today, even though some
prefer not to name and to the mutual slaughter of Sunnis and Shiites, has a cost of tens of thousands of
lives. It is estimated that about 100,000 people were killed since coalition forces took
control in Iraq.
The Lebanese civil war took place between 1975 and 1990. Israel was involved in certain stages, apart from
Lebanon War in 1982. There is no disagreement that a considerable part of the victims were
killed in the first two years.
Other reviews speak of more than 130,000 dead. Most were Lebanese killed by
other Lebanese, for fundamentalists, religious and ethnic groups, and in connection with the commitment of Syria. Syria
transferred its support between various parties in the conflict. The highest estimates claim that the activities
Israeli, caused the death of 18,000 people, most fighters.
In the civil war that took place in Yemen from 1962 to 1970, with the participation of Egypt and Saudi
Arabia, between 100,000 to 150,000 Yemenis were killed and more than one thousand Egyptians and Saudis.
Egypt committed war crimes by incorporating the use of chemical warfare. Riots in Yemen from
1984 to 1986, killed thousands more.
Russia rejected calls for independence of the Chechen Republic, and this led to the first war,
between 1994 and 1996, which killed between 50,000 to 200,000 Chechens.
Russia paid little attention to this conflict, but failed miserably. This did not help Chechens
because, although they had gained autonomy, the republic was in ruins.
The second Chechen war began in 1999 and ended officially in 2001, but not really
ended, and the number of victims is estimated 30,000 to 100,000.
Summary of Iraq: From 1,540,000 to 2,000,000 victims.
Summary of Iran: From 450,000 to 970,000 victims.
Yemen summary: 100,000 to 150,000 fatalities.
Summary of Chechnya:
From 80,000 to 300,000 fatalities.
From Jordan to Zanzibar
In addition to the wars and massacres, there were also minor confrontations, which took the lives of thousands
and tens of thousands of Muslims and Arabs (killed) by Muslims and Arabs. These clashes are not
are even, taken into account in the tables on these pages, because they represent figures
small, relatively speaking, even if the numbers of those killed are much higher than
the victims of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Here are a few:
1970-1971: Survey of Black September took place in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The
King Hussein was out of proportion by the use of the country, the Palestinians, and its threat to take the
control. The confrontation, mainly a slaughter in the camps, took thousands of lives. Of
According to estimates given by the Palestinians themselves: from 10,000 to 25,000 victims. According to
other sources, a few thousand.
Half the population of Chad are Muslims: In various civil wars 30,000 civilians were killed.
Muslim in the main area of ​​Yugoslavia, about 10,000 were killed in the war, from 1998
The civil war from 1992 to 1996, left nearly 50,000 dead.
The systematic persecution of Hafez Assad, belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood ended in the slaughter of
1982 in the city of Hama, costing the lives of 200,000 people.
Thousands were killed at the beginning of the Khomeini Revolution. The precise number is unknown, but
ranges between thousands and tens of thousands. The Kurds also suffered at the hands of Iran and about 10,000
were killed.
About 20,000 Kurds were killed in Turkey as part of the conflict.
In the early 60s the island was granted independence, but only for a short time. First,
Arabs were in power but a black group, made up mainly of Muslims, carried out
a massacre of the Arab group, also Muslim, in 1964. It is estimated that between 5,000 and 17,000 died.
This is not the end of the list. There were more conflicts with uncertain numbers of victims in the republics of the former
Soviet Union with Muslim majority populations (like the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia
Nagurno Karabakh), and a questionable number of Muslims killed in Africa, in countries whose populations
are mixed, such as Nigeria, Mauritania or Uganda (in the years of the reign of Idi Amin in Uganda, in
decade starting in 1971, about 300,000 Ugandans were killed. Amin was defined himself
as a Muslim but, unlike Sudan, it is difficult to say that the background for the slaughter was Muslim
and certainly was not Arabic).
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict
A newly exposed everything, you can add this information, the vast majority of Arabs killed in
the framework of the Arab - Israeli, were killed as a result of wars instigated by the Arabs and
as a result of its refusal to recognize the UN decision, regarding the establishment of
State of Israel, or its refusal to recognize the Jewish right to self determination.
The number of Israelis killed by Arab aggression was relatively higher than the figures of the Arabs
dead. In the War of Independence, for example, more than 6,000 Israelis were killed between
population, then, was 600,000. This means one percent of the population. In
comparison, low-Arab war against Israel came from seven countries, whose populations already
We have tens of millions. Israel does not dream or think and do not want to destroy any Arab state. But
the intended target of the armed attackers, was "to liquidate the Jewish entity."
Obviously, in recent years, the Palestinian victims were most of the media attention
and academics. Indeed, they represent a small percentage of the total sum of all the victims. The
sum total of Palestinians killed by Israel in the territories conquered is several thousand. Died 1378
in the first Intifada, and 3,700 since the start of the second Intifada. This is less than, say,
Muslim victims massacred by former Syrian President Hafez Assad in Hama in 1982, unless
Palestinians massacred by King Hussein, in 1971, less than the number killed in a single
slaughter of Bosnian Muslims by Serbs (1991) in Srebrenica, which left 8,000 people.
Each person is deplorable finalized. But there is no greater slander to call Israel's actions,
"Genocide." And even the string "Israel" and "genocide" in the Google search engine leads to 13,600,000
references. Try typing 'Sudan' and 'genocide' and you will get less than 9 million results. These
numbers, if you will, are the essence of a great disappointment.
The occupation is not progressive, but not brutal
Another fact: Since the Second World War, the Israeli - Palestinian conflict is the one with less number
victims, but with the world's largest number of publications in the press and academia,
hostile to Israel.
At least half a million Algerians died during the French occupation. One million Afghans during
Soviet occupation. Millions of Muslims and Arabs were killed and massacred at the hands of
Muslims. But the whole world knows a man called Mohammed a-Dura (whose death was regrettable,
but it is doubtful if it was by Israeli gunfire.)
It is possible and acceptable to criticize Israel. But the rant over, obsessive and at times anti-Semitic serves
also, as a cover and in some cases, as an endorsement of the genocide of millions of others.
The occupation is not and can not be progressive. But if we try to create a scale of "brutal occupation"
Israel ranks last. This is a fact. There is an opinion.
And what would have happened to the Palestinians if, instead of being under Israeli occupation, had been under
Iraqi occupation? Or Sudan? Or even French or Soviet? It is highly probable that had
victims of genocide, at worst, and mass killings, purges and deportations, as
the best option.
But fortunately for them, are under Israeli occupation. And even if, I repeat, there is something like a
progressive occupation, and taking into account whether it is acceptable and possible, and sometimes necessary to criticize Israel,
there is no occupation and there was never with so few fatalities (indeed there is other damage, not
manifested in low numbers, such as the refugee problem. This will be discussed in a
separate chapter).
Television ethics
Why, then, the impression the world is directly the opposite?
How is it possible that there is no connection between the facts, figures and the demonic image of Israel as
in the world?
There are many answers. One is that western ethics became the moral of the television cameras.
If a Palestinian terrorist or a man of Hezbollah intends to launch a missile from inside a civilian neighborhood,
and Israel responded with fire "killing two children" will be endless headlines and articles in any
the world, saying "Israel kills children." But if entire villages are destroyed in Sudan or cities
complete are killed in Syria, there will be no television cameras in that area.
And so, according to television ethics, Jose Saramago and Harold Pinter signed a petition protesting the
"Genocide" and "war crimes" committed by Israel. Have not even read the Geneva Convention.
May not know that apart from a few exceptions, the actions of Israel against targets
civilians wounded soldiers are allowed under the Geneva Convention (Protocol 1 paragraph 52.2). And
because these people are so immersed in the ethics of television will not sign any petitions in protest
the genocide of Muslims by Muslims. The crime's sake. You have permission to do so.
Television ethics is a tragedy for the Arabs and Muslims themselves. Israel pays a high price. No
But Arabs and Muslims are its real victims. And while we continue the moral of the screen
blue, Arabs and Muslims will continue paying for the price.
There are those who argue that Arab and Muslim countries, are immune to criticism because they are not
democratic. But criticism of Israel, is more valuable because it has democratic pretensions. Claims
Orientalism like this are more serious. The assumption, disguised, is that Arabs and Muslims are
retarded child in the world. Are allowed. This is not just Orientalism. It is racism.
Arabs and Muslims are not children or retarded. Many Arabs and Muslims know and write
about it. They know that only an end to self - deception and will take responsibility to change. Know
that while the West, keep trying as irresponsible and inequitable, is lending a hand not
only a racist, but also and mainly to the continuity of mass murder.
The genocide that Israel is committing, which is completely libelous, hides the real genocide;
silenced genocide that Arabs and Muslims are mainly against themselves.
The libel must be stopped in order to see reality. This suits them to Arabs and Muslims. Israel
pays in image. Them with blood. If there is still some moral in the world, this should interest you
to anyone who is just a drop of ethics in its interior. And this should happen, will be small
news for Israel, and great news, much better news, for Arabs and Muslims.
The first article that came with the release of Rosh Hashanah, dealing with the silence of the world from the
deaths perpetrated by Arabs and Muslims, specifically Arabs and Muslims. The silence of
world takes on a special dimension while communications and Western academia,
distributed millions of publications blaming Israel of genocide, genocide does not exist or ever existed.
The truth, as it exposes the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians led to mass casualty
being relatively similar to any other in the world.
This note will address the issue of refugees. It will also take into account facts in
proportion and relation to patterns of United Nations and the international community towards refugees
in general and Palestinians in particular.
We begin with a story, a story known and familiar. In a country noted, which was, once, in
Ottoman Empire, sat a Muslim minority. There was no significant bonding,
between majority and minority. They had both the minority and the majority, a sad story, which included attacks
mutual. At some stage, most of the Muslim minority forced to leave the country and emigrate to
a neighboring country, where the minority was the majority, from the religious, ethnic and national level. No, we are
talking about Israel or the Palestinians. It is the story of the Muslim minority in Bulgaria. And this does not happen
200 years. This happened less than 20 years, late 80s, 300,000 Muslims were forced to
leave Bulgaria. It was a transfer under pressure. And if not heard of the "Law of Return", and
on thousands of agencies dealing with "refugees" Bulgarian and also on thousands of golf
refugees and publications is only one reason: they are not Palestinians. Because, as the Turks, there are dozens
groups, numbering in the millions - many millions - who were forced to leave their country of
birth, after political changes and borders.
Once, the mass changes were considered, and even today in the eyes of many, an effective solution
for religious or ethnic conflict, among different populations.
Less than 100 years ago, Fridtjof Nansen - Norwegian geographer - sought and found a solution to difficult conflict
between Turkey and Greece. Proposed, organized and conducted a transfer program, with international support
won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1930.
There is no support in this transfer itself. Today we face another reality. Morality
international, too, is a matter of time, context and circumstance. Not every good solution in
biblical period, it can work today. Support for the transfer is not on the list of options for
Nobel Peace Prize.
Jewish New Year. (Jewish)

And the world
October 26, 2006
The world is full of communities, in their entirety, were forced to leave their countries or
provinces to other areas. But for some reason the Palestinian refugees have the privilege
have an international recognition. What happened and why us?
This is the second article of the series of Ben Dror Iemini.
In general, the refugee, the individual - and not his family - is that considered a refugee.
Fewer, still, in future generations. With the Palestinians this situation is reversed. Being a refugee is
becomes a matter of genetics, a matter of generations, even when their children
and children's children, have never even seen Palestine and, having amassed wealth, as
Bill Gates, retain their refugee status.
The world is full of communities that were forced to leave their countries or regions to
new places. If we define, with the accepted concepts regarding the Palestinians - both
its definition as refugees, as in international relations and in the many organizations that exist
to defend them - would be facing a world war of all against all.
Millions of Hindus, should return to Pakistan. Tens of millions of Muslims would return to India.
The Balkans would be forced to be nomads, a situation which, of course, would bring a new mix
populations and, therefore, new and countless conflicts. No one today would think such a thing. No
think that Muslims must return to Greece or Bulgaria, or the Christians in Turkey, or German
Czechoslovakia and we could continue with a very long list. If we sum up "the Right of Return"
many countries would collapse and go into an era of endless bloodshed.
Fortunately, our planet is sensible. Does not require a blood bath that divide and destroy the country. The
world is sane until it reaches the Palestinians. Then, out of joint. Black is white and white is
black. Everything is right with regard to any conflict in the world, is reversed when it comes to
a small land of God, very small, the land of Jews. And suddenly, what was right about
Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece, Czechoslovakia, India and Pakistan and dozens of other countries, it is not about
Israel. His position was analyzed with different criteria. Reverse. Here again, a chorus of organisms
international deal only with one thing: the propaganda that encircles the world, which enhances the problem
Palestinian and eternal. In many organizations, the trend is still clearer: coercion
Israel, only on Israel, is a type of solution, "The Right of Return" is called, which will undoubtedly further stoke the fire.
There are those who support this solution, from innocence and ignorance. But others support it because its goal
not order or fix, but fire. Or as Sahar Habash, one of Arafat's advisers: "The
"Right of Return" is the trump card, which means liquidating Israel. "
No talk here of the uniqueness of peoples throughout history. We do not require the Arabs - that
invaded Asia, Africa and Europe, returning to the birthplace, and will not ask the white conquerors
of America to return to Europe, though, not only conquered, took and violated land they do not
it belonged, during the conquest, committed crimes against humanity.
Review only those massive population changes, developments since the early twentieth century. Nor
We will consider all cases, only those that bear some similarity to the changes
population, between Israel and neighboring Arab countries, changes that had everything: expulsion and flight, not
by desire of both parties.
Who is a refugee?
Between 600 and 800 thousand Arabs fled Israel going to neighboring countries. A similar number of Jews
left Arab countries, reaching Israel. This happened as part of a global process - tens
of cases in which population changes were from the creation of national states
- In countries with particular religious and ethnic characteristics. Millions took part in these movements
mass. And none was considered a refugee. Nor those who came to Israel. But this title is it
reserved solely and exclusively, to Palestinian refugees.
The double standard starts, but does not end with the fact that there are two bodies responsible for
refugees. The first deals with all the world's refugees UNHCR (United Nations High Comissiona
for Refugees) and the second, UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency), whose area is only,
Palestinians from a UN decision. While the goal is to help the first organism
refugees to start a new life, the goal of one is reversed: to perpetuate their situation. Hundreds of
million refugees left and not through aid programs of the UN. Not one of the
Palestinian refugees left this definition. On the contrary, each year increasing its quantity.
The definition of "refugee" includes differences. When talking about the Palestinians, concerns
persons whose place of residence was Palestine between June 1946 and May 1948. It is sarcastic
definition lies in the fact that everyone who came to Palestine as early immigrant labor
1946, will automatically fall within the definition of Palestinian refugees, even for an Egyptian
Syrian, Jordanian, and Lebanese. A stay of only two years in Palestine gives the right to be included
on permanent lists of UNRWA. Not so in the case of another common refuge, which must demonstrate
- With their situation-specific requirements to receive assistance from UNHCR.
And that's not all. According to the UN general definition, one that has already adapted to another country,
becoming an active citizen, not a refugee. In Jordan there are hundreds of thousands of Palestinians
who received citizenship. Some people can access government positions but either in Lebanon but
according to a definition of striking United Nations are still perceived refugees.
There is another important and central difference. Common among the refugees, only considered the individual not
members of his family, let alone future generations. Among Palestinians, the question is to
Conversely, it becomes genetic. A generational issue. Even when the children and children's children never saw
Palestine and, despite being as rich as Bill Gates, are still refugees. Under the protection of Nations
Together, the "Palestinian problem" has eternity, even in this strange definition and permanence of
concept. So is growing year by year, the number of refugees. This will raise a monster with a
single goal: creating a problem that prevents the solution of the conflict.
In those years, and according to any international standard, the "Palestinian refugee problem"
concluded at the very moment it began: the number of Palestinians who left Israel is similar,
or almost identical to that of Jews who came from Arab countries. Israel was not the only place
populations changed after religious or national conflicts. Elsewhere in the world, the thing
had already ended. But not here. This double standard works. To understand how much of manipulation
political, historical and international we then research on processes and population changes.
Movement in the Balkans
The Balkans was the broader focus in regard to mass population movements, expulsion,
mass transfer and fled after the war, over the last hundred years, since the first
Balkan War (1912), with which did not end the massive movement of population. Took
part in such movements between seven and ten million people. Not analyze all but a few.
The first wave began in 1915, after the First Balkan War, which resulted in the mobilization,
from their places of residence, about, 200,000 Turks who went to Turkey, 150,000 Greeks
who returned to Greece and 250,000 Bulgarians who returned to Bulgaria.
The First World War created an essential move. 750 000 Serbs were forced to leave
their homes, some 250 000 were used, coercively, as a labor force in Bulgaria and Hungary. Other
were killed during the forced march to the Adriatic. After the war, 300,000 were forced to
return to Bulgaria, from territories that had been under his control, from before the war. About
200 thousand Hungarians left Transylvania and moved to Hungary. A similar number of Hungarians left
territories of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia.
The '20s brought a new wave, more specific to our business. A great movement had the
acceptance of Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria, to the Lausanne Agreement (1923). This trend continued for
a million and half a million Christians from Turkey to Greece, 500 000 Muslims from Greece to Turkey
80 000 Bulgarians in Greece. Note that were not "transferred" all Christians to Greece, or all
Muslims to Turkey. The stated purpose of the transfers was the creation of a religious basis
homogeneous In 1930, upon completion of the transfer, was awarded to Fridtjof Nansen, the mastermind and director of
project, the Nobel Peace Prize.
Events, before and during, World War II once again triggered significant movements.
The most important was the flight of hundreds of thousands of Serbs from Croatia, and that his government had become
pro - Nazi administration of Transylvania, which was taken over by Hungary, which generated 200 thousand Romanians
leave Romania.
The other big wave came in the '90s, with the division of Yugoslavia after Tito's death. A
quarter of a million Serbs were expelled from the territories, in the hands of the Croats in 1995, after
the war with Serbia. There is an agreement of principles with respect to their return and, according to various reports
United Nations, it is completing the process, which had great obstacles by Croats
(Those who return face discrimination, are taken home, work, and there are no cases
cons). Beyond the legal guidelines that allow the Serbs get their houses in reality are
few cases where this becomes a reality and legal rights are respected. There are decisions of courts
Croats, Serbs hold that hinder the realization. Many Serbs, returning, waive and
go to other sectors of the former Yugoslavia.
Needless to note that the level of aggression between Serbs and Croats, is far from the onslaught from
Israelis and Palestinians. The dream of the Serbs and Croatia is not to destroy, either, there are years of washing
brain, religious nationalism that calls for the liquidation of the Croat entity. Even in this situation, living
Today, in Croatia, about 200 thousand Serbs, in a state of 4.4 million. A return of all, impossible
fruition, not of a demographic threat to Croatia. The idea of ​​homogenizing, national or
religiously, will be preserved in spite of everything.
The observation of Western newspapers of that time shows an acceptance of the transfer made
by Croats and displayed to some support. That was the policy, almost official, The New York Times.
Most returned, with the NATO military intervention. Before they had left almost 150 thousand Serbs from the area
Albania. A similar number of Serbs left Kosovo after the war, fearing Albanian vengeance.
Hundreds of thousands in other regions in conflict, lost their homes and were pressured to abandon their
living spaces, within the country (especially in Bosnia-Herzegovina). The exact numbers
known. For example, the number of Croats - expelled by Serbian forces in the process
war - outside the boundaries of Serbia, is seen in about 170 thousand. Clearly, the community
international, had no alternative but to population movements to prevent further explosions.
Sometimes referred to ethnic cleansing, sometimes used the term genocide (defined as a transfer
murder, carried out by the Turks against the Armenians) and sometimes, as in the case of Nansen, the transfer
from an agreement. The common denominator was the intention of creating an ethnic or religious homogeneity.
Anyway, except special case of the Serbs, who were allowed to return to Croatia, no
specific legal rights, no recognition of the "Right of Return."
Poland - Ukraine
After the First World War (1919), fixed the borders of Poland. This caused a change
coercive and massive, 1.4 million Poles and Ukrainians. Poles of this went to Poland, the
Ukrainians in the west went to Ukraine. The principle, as in the case of the Balkans, was to conserve
national or religious homogeneity.
About 800,000 Albanians were driven from Kosovo,
during the 1999 crisis.
Germany - Eastern Europe
Next coerced mass movements were observed in the Potsdam Commission at the end of the Second
World War. For hundreds of years, there were German communities in different regions of Europe
Eastern and southern Russia, who were accused of supporting the Nazi regime and generate national conflicts. For
Thus, in Czechoslovakia, for example, the majority of Germans supported Hitler and his demands. Despite
all, in Potsdam Commission decided "the orderly transfer of German populations."
Make such transfer rafts were sunk by torpedo attacks. German sources say
that about 2.5 million people were killed in this process and, although there was some exaggeration
in the number, the number of victims was significant.
A few years after the great expulsion, not a single German was in a refugee camp and the
issue of exclusion, refugees and the immense pain that caused the Germans, often through no fault,
found in the list of priorities of Germany. It was only a structure, "Organization of
Expelled Germans (BVD), marginal and supported by the extreme right. There is a parliamentary, Enrica
Shteinbah, which addresses the issue of the deportees and their rights, not to get compensation or
any return.
India - Pakistan
For years, Indians fought to free the British conquest. But as they grew
their activities were increasing tensions between Hindus and Muslims, to create a terrible and
clear abyss. The father of the idea of ​​forming an independent Muslim state, was the philosopher and writer
Muhammad Iqbal. In the 30s it added Muhammad Ali Gina that, until then, was part of
Congress Party and supported the idea of ​​a unified state. The interesting thing is that from the beginning, not
spoke of homogeneous population. The cracks were many, the religious breakdown was not the most
important. The undisputed leader of the liberation struggle, Mahatma Gandhi, made the effort
to build a unified India, including Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims. He could not achieve (Gandhi
was assassinated by a Hindu extremist who criticized their resignations in favor of Muslims). Tension
Interfaith grew. In August 1947, with the end of British rule, was erected two countries:
India and Pakistan. After the declaration, more than 7 million Hindus and Sikhs moved from the Muslim side
the Hindu, and a similar number of Muslims made the reverse journey.
Armenia - Azerbaijan
The breakup of the Soviet Union led to the creation of new countries on religious and
ethnicity. For example, at the time of Stalin, was expelled Muslims from Chechnya to other countries
Union, most of them returned and participated in the war.
A conflict that is closer to what we are trying, in the case Nagorno - Karabakh. We speak of a country
that, most of which are Armenia, but is in Azerbaijan, where the mass is Muslim. We speak of a
long history of struggle that arises again after the establishment of independent republics after
the fall of the Soviet Union. The region of Armenia, who managed requested partial autonomy in 1988, joining
Armenia. The crimes that occurred between the Muslims in Armenia and Armenians in Azerbaijan
brought - on both sides-refugees. Then, the tension became war. Armenia ruled on
Most areas of conflict. In 1994 he achieved a ceasefire, but the problem generated as a million
Following this decision, between 12 and 16 million Germans
abandoned these areas against their will.
In this mass movement was terrible massacres
counted in about 200 thousand to a million dead.
refugees, about 360 thousand Armenians - Christians who went to the Armenian-dominated region and a
740 000 Muslims, who went to the areas under the jurisdiction of Azerbaijan.
Another interesting thing in the same conflict is that in Azerbaijan, there are refugee camps without any
any process of adaptation and integration. Armenia, by contrast, makes a great effort, shared with
UNHCR, the international refugee organization to assimilate and integrate.
UNRWA, otherwise make the effort proposes, in practice, non-Arab integration and assimilation -
Muslims in Arab countries - Muslim.
A country with serious tensions between the black population - Muslim and Arab Muslim population.
During the fighting between Muslims and blacks in the late '80s and early 90 century
XX, were expelled to Senegal and Mali, nearly 75,000 blacks. A similar number of Arabs were integrated
Mauritania, after being expelled from two countries. The struggle for the Arabization of the country continues.
This country out of the ordinary: he had no population change. Make an ethnic cleansing and murder of
citizens through a militia called Janjaweed. Since Muslims came to power, the phenomenon
of ethnic and religious cleansing increased, not only in Darfur. The horror, under government protection,
causes a large influx of displaced persons and refugees. Some of the refugees are defined as IDPInternal
Displaced Persons, and another, as refugees in neighboring Chad. In addition to millions of
victims, as mentioned in the previous article, 3 to 4 million human beings were forced
to leave their homes. Still no known demonstration in any country in the Arab world
in contempt of genocide or ethnic cleansing or religious coercion. Sudan continues like this for
years journalism tricks and aid organizations, hampers UN forces
and ethnic cleansing, it goes. In recent years Sudan has the largest number of refugees
The case of Cyprus is very interesting. In the country, nearly 80% of Greeks and 20% of Turks, arrived
with the expansion of the Ottoman Empire. In 1974, Turkey invaded Cyprus after a military revolt
threatened to unify the island with Greece. The invasion brought as a result, the partition of the island into two
political entities: Greek and Turkish.
There is no discussion about that, the rights of the expelled Greeks, are greater than that of the Palestinians.
The Greeks did not promote any war, not threatened with expulsion or slaughter of Turks. Were
Turkish victims of violence. The Turkish invasion created a Turkish state that the world does not recognize. The Turks
took a part of the conquered territory (about 100 thousand settlers) as well as military strength
thousands of soldiers, who governs, rather than absolute military rule. Since the de facto division of
island, the Greek flourishes and develops. There are no refugee camps, terror and incendiary industry
justifying terrorism against the Turks. Against this, the Turkish area suffers from paralysis, freezing,
extreme unemployment and declining economy.
Nevertheless, the UN Secretary, Kofi Annan, carried on an agreement, long term,
2004. In a referendum held in the Greek, the Greeks delayed the decision. For us,
relevant are the basic lines of the solution to the problem of refugees recognized by the Union
European and international community. The agreement considers the union of the island population. No
statement on the "right of return."
About 200 000 refugees were moved into the Greek area and 50 000
Muslims towards the Turkish side.
The right of return of the Greeks was limited only to people 65 and older. And this with the
condition, those who return do not exceed either 10% of the total Turkish population and 20% in a village
away. If Israel accepted an agreement of this type would have to move Palestinians to neighboring countries and not
accept new refugees. In Israel there are more than 10% that does not belong to the most demographically
speaking Jewish.
Palestinian Handling
So far, the cases we treat, are far from show - in the last hundred years - the uniqueness of
populations. International Organizations appreciated in the communist era, the mass movement in
Soviet Union, almost 65 million people. The center of conflicts in Africa, as wars
endless civilians in Congo and Somalia, led to large numbers of displaced persons and refugees, many without
care. Of course, they have no special aid agencies. They want - and Palestinians - have
rights to relief. But the world remains indifferent to their fate, a world that uses for them
different criteria. Beyond some relief organizations with limited budgets. Are
stranded. The dissemination of his situation - and international interest - is zero. Different
course, to the relationship with the Palestinian refugees, where the international effort is the reverse:
enlarge and perpetuate the problem with handling that, year after year, only increases the number of
The mass movements above (except Sudan), summary cases of 38 million people, comprising
to places that are the majority. Only 700 thousand Palestinians became a "problem", immortalized by
United Nations, the international community and the Arab world, encouraged by intellectuals and the media
communication. Thousands of books, articles and publications prevents the reader to know facts and
have a comparative international view.
The solution to the Palestinian problem today is not "transfer." We are in the past. What makes
murderer is a country like Sudan, can not serve as permission to mobilize, coercively, to
populations. The movements that brought it up, we show that the return of refugees and
displaced persons to their place of origin, will bring a war of all against all. The right of return in Europe
back to the mainland to an era of endless conflict. Muslims do not return to Greece, the Germans,
not be paid back to Poland. That does not mean that there is no place for Muslim minorities in Greece.
Having a space for a Muslim minority in Israel, as there is for the Jewish minority in Morocco
in the future also exist for the Palestinians.
An interesting anecdote: Prof. John Mearsheimer published jointly with Prof. Stephen Walt, a
article on the limits of anti-Semitism against the Jewish lobby in America. Aggression toward
Israel and the influence of anti-Israeli arguments, especially those who support the right of return
of the Palestinians, he is in the pages of the article and the sources which underpin them. The same
Mearsheimer published another wonderful article in The New York Times, in 1993, in which he wrote, among other
things, a way to resolve the conflict in the Balkans: There to create homogeneous countries, from
ethnic terms. Croats, Muslims and Serbs will have to give up a territory and population transfer.
This man is the same as a hero of the radical left in the world and in Israel, and
outstanding anti-Semitic United States, David Duk. In this aggressive article, Mearsheimer accused
Israelis to support and encourage the transfer of the Arab population of Israel. Is based on research
and manipulations of searches, but no mention on the parties that support the
"Transfers", which never reached a serious endorsement. Is strange given that this honorable professor, expresses
own support for the "transfer": Creating homogeneous states, will require drawing new borders and transferring
populations. We can assume that those who encourage this idea, will find in these statements a
true and bulky loot.
Our issue is not "transfer." The issue is the beginning, serious and equitable international rules of ordering.
Mearsheimer is the example of the industry that creates double standards, artificially, the "right of return."

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