Ivory Coast: a tragedy ignored by UN.Yesterday the last masacre.

Ivory Coast: a tragedy ignored by UN.Yesterday the last masacre.

Yesterday the last masacre.

Ivory Coast: a tragedy ignored by UN
Mateo Mathaus.Abidjam ,Monday ,10/05/2.001,06:37:23 am.

Situation in Abidjan is getting worse and worse as fighting continues in the capital and the habitants are facing starvation danger and the stat ...e of devastation, with more t ...han 1000 dead people since the end of last week.Meanwhile the massacres of thousands of Christians by Muslims continue to occur in the rest of the country but apparently not in Abidjan.
The streets are dangerous, but the habitants cannot barricade themselves at home when the basic supplies are vanishing. Public transports are not seen in the streets anymore, only pick-up trucks driven by pro-Ouattara soldiers.
Residents of Abidjan were willing for a quicker ending of the confrontation, but Laurent Gbagbo sticks to power as he cans and promises to fight until the last moment. There are already four months of the Ivorian Coast post-electoral crisis and still no indication of peace. However, the combat to control the country seems to be attaining a peak as forces devoted to the internationally recognised president, Alassane Ouattara, launched an attack of the presidential palace in Abidjan in a way to depose the current leader, Laurent Gbagbo.
It was expected that the presidential election in November 2010, the first in 10 years, would bring tranquility and unity. But Gbagbo’s refusal to step down despite demands of the international community brought a huge political confrontation and street violence as he counts with the support of the army.
On March 31 as opposition forces reached the borders of Abidjan. Mr. Gbagbo’s forces have moved from east to west and took tactical points for the cocoa trade in the region.
The International Crisis Group think-tank issued a statement yesterday defending that: "The death toll could reach thousands within days ... The situation in Cote d'Ivoire is as urgent as any facing the international community right now. The unthinkable is unfolding before our eyes."

In the end of Mars the TIME writed about about the dangerous situation but the NU dont make nothings.

Yesterday new slaughter in Ivory Coast

 Workers United Nations (UN) in Ivory Coast found the bodies of more than 100 victims of brutal killings, a discovery that threatens to undermine the fight the winner of presidential elections last November, Alassane Ouattara, to take control of the country.

The human rights office of the United Nations says 118 bodies found in the West in the last 24 hours, which are added to the 800 people reported killed last week by aid groups.

The slaughter coincided with the passage of the muslims forces of Ouattara, made ​​up of former rebels from the north on its way to the capital, Abidjan. Ouattara denied any link to his people to these acts.

Outgoing Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo, who refuses to recognize the triumph of Ouattara, supported by the international community, was isolated in a bunker surrounded by a military cordon after seeking refuge from the assault of the troops of his rival, earlier this week.

Now, Ouattara seems to have decided to surround Gbagbo at his residence in Abidjan, rather than move forward in their attempt to forcibly stated, and has focused on restoring normalcy in the city after weeks of fighting.

Gbagbo, "will not resign, he is resting in his presidential chair and not move, " he said yesterday his adviser Toussaint Alain, told a news conference in the French capital.

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