Positions of leadership - the Koran and his examples to encounter enemies

Positions of leadership - the Koran and his examples to encounter enemies

Positions of leadership - the Koran and his examples to encounter enemies

The huge wave of Islamic awakening, which has recorded in a unique form of the Islamic world, is a vivid example of how people rise up in anger to protest against the oppressors, the dominate force their people to oppose.
Suppressors interfere in the whole life of the population, from politics to culture and Wirtschaft.Sie ​​evoke a sombre atmosphere, which is contrary to the inner Seelenurgrund of the people. If this inner nature of man finally wakes up, we meet its salutary effect. This shows itself first in the horror of the arrogant world powers and their vassals in the Middle East.

Some time ago, Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran at a meeting with several Islamic thinkers, the 24th at the participated in international conference for Islamic unity, had called the current period of history as very significant as the political and revolutionary movements, if they are correctly identified and directed to solve the problems of the Islamic world. He also said that if these events are not properly used, could, however, added new problems. He stressed that create that the correct understanding of time and strengthen the faith of the population, the preservation of the unity and the fearlessness of the enemy and trust in God's help, the conditions for the success of Extraordinary million movement in the Islamic world.

Ayatollah Khamenei called in this context, examples from the early Islamic suitable as a model. He said that one can get into the details of what's happening in the early days of Islam to the present day.

The head of the Islamic Revolution pointed to the events in the history of Islam and said the firm belief in the divine help was a prerequisite for victory. He continued: "There are two types of people in the encounter with the enemy. Some say the sight of the enemy: God and His Prophet have made us only false promises and a few others that are devoted to God, saying: This is exactly what God and His Prophet promised us and God and his prophet have said the truth. "

(See Surah 33, verse 22)

These two groups, one weak in faith, and the other with an alert heart, there is always and everywhere. The encounter with enemies is a great test for all men and makes the degree of their faith and sincerity recognizable. Some people with weak character go under the pretext of the fight out of his way. As long as they adhere to the religion as they are safe and it is for their benefit. God has condemned such people at many Koran and described as weak. The other group consists of those who believe firmly and believe in the promises of God and trust in His help.

In the words of Ayatollah Khamenei, there are now some who fear the sight of the United States. They see their military power and diplomacy apparatus, its propaganda power and money and have to deal with fear. In the words of Ayatollah Khamenei, they say, "We can not do anything. Why should we waste our energy pointless? There are such people today and during our revolution, it has also given them. "

Ayatollah Khamenei said of the other group of people: "There are others who see the power of the enemy in comparison to the divine power, and find that they - the U.S. and other arrogant powers - are absolutely insignificant that they are nothing are. Furthermore, they consider the divine promises to be right and trust in them. This is important. God the Highest Habene has promised us (in Sura 22, verse 40): God is to those who help him (and defend his religion) can help. God is powerful and invincible. "

Ayatollah Khamenei said that arises from trust in God, the steadfastness and the further development, while the result of skepticism about God, to intimidate and surrender to the enemy out. He continues: "We (Iran) - has faith in God and God the Almighty treats us according to our confidence. In the course of about 30 years (after the victory of the revolution) we had many problems and we were able to overcome all victorious. "

The founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini can be a good role model for a man of solid faith and trust in God. It based on the infinite power of God over the foreign-based regime of the Pahlavi and his foreign backers USA won. The Iranians have of her late revolutionary leader learned to trust in God, and learned not to fear before the enemy.

The Holy Koran warns people that they pay attention to the enemy and must remain vigilant. Therefore, the head of the Islamic Revolution in his meeting with the scholars from the Islamic world has said: "The most important problem in the Islamic world is the USA. The presence of the arrogant imperialists in the Islamic world, the Islamic identity and the national character of nations hurt the most. From the east of the Islamic world from Indonesia, Malaysia and India - to Africa: Everywhere it was the presence of the imperialists, which has weakened the nations. Today the U.S. is the wicked imperialist power. The presence of the U.S. is the biggest problem. This has to change something. The U.S. must be suppressed and weakened. Fortunately, they are already weakened. The United States today are no longer the United States, which they used to be 20 or 30 years. The United States have become very weak. This must remain so. You must not give up hope! "

Ayatollah Khamenei has reduced the specificity of the popular movement in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and other countries that the population has come to the scene and said that the victory will come guaranteed, even if that presence will be strengthened with the Islamic faith. He said: "The presence of millions of people is possible only through the inner faith. They should first come forth, remain second to achieve the result on the scene, and, third, protect the results. This requires the Islamic faith, religious faith. ... The French Revolution was a popular movement, and won, but the victory was not maintained ... We could get our revolution, by the blessing of faith, by the blessing of Islam, by the blessing that the spirit of the Koran to the body of this man and the hearts of these people was breathed. This is what can guarantee the survival of the movements and their persistence and victory. This is what must be done! "

The current developments in the Middle East will pave living by following the teachings of the Koran the way for the formation of an Islamic Middle East and this will change the international equations.

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