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Israel has to act slowly but surely!.! At the appropriate time...!.


Israel has to act slowly but surely!.! At the appropriate time...i!.

The events that are unfolding in the Middle East have done, no one can say 100 per 100 as concluirán.Pero, though not fortune tellers, we can have an idea what will happen and what Israel should do.
The most important factor is, for now, keep in mind that the neighborhood with Egypt will not be beaten. All the southern border line will be much more unstable, with regard to the Palestinians will become more porous, and the canal will be passable persas.Los enemy ships by Arab countries are isolating Israel after the fall of Egypt and the Israeli state is ever closer. Egypt to S. and Lebanon (Syria and Iran) with all weapon pointing inside the Jewish state.
The treaties signed by Israel have served or serve nada.El Arab world respects them, are part of a strategy of "truces trap" temporary continuation of the war "by other means."
Can not expect aid from Europe that is increasingly rotten and Islamized.
Israel is alone.
Israel must, as the sick, look at the evils that have and address them.
Israel can not be eternally torn between the Hamlet "To be or not be heard," To act or not act?.
What is happening to the riots against the quasi-neutral schemes Israel is the first part of a conflagration in which it is preparing the Muslim population psychologically for jihad against the West. But they know they must first collect the Israeli part.
Israel is experiencing a war, and if he does not win DISAPPEAR front and to return to Exile.
Israel must give a lesson to naZislamismo.Tal as were made in their day, others to the Nazis, they realized they were completely and utterly defeated and sued for peace without conditions, and passed by a Tribunal of Nuremberg.
Israel should cause a complete and utter defeat.
Israel has the means, technology and men to power, today, defeated.
Criticizing Israel "if left shattered? No matter, to criticize Israel's action or inaction, that it is because SO FINAL ACT AGAINST EVIL and its lackeys.

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