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Fight Hate. Add Your Name.Dear Mateo,
The inferno of anti-Israel hate that spread across the globe during this summer’s conflict with Hamas didn’t end when the rockets stopped falling.
This month in France, a Jewish man was assaulted in his home and his Jewish girlfriend was raped. Their attackers targeted them “because you are Jews.”
Anti-Israel hate has been unmasked as a threat to Jews everywhere. Vulnerable Jewish communities need your help — they need this wave of hatred exposed and fought.
A concerted anti-Israel campaign of hate and lies, of boycott and smears, is working to target Israel and intimidate Jewish communities. At TIP, we are battling every day on the media front lines — in newspapers, television, on Facebook and Twitter — to get the truth out.
Hate will win if we don’t do something. That’s why TIP launched PeaceNotHate.com to expose the anti-Israel hate movement.
Already, we’ve signed up 32,000 supporters. But we need to do more. Will you help us?
Thank you for your support.
The Israel Project
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