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Israeli and German produce sperm in a laboratory..


Israeli and German produce sperm in a laboratory
Sperm became a substance similar to that found in the testes
Israeli and German researchers were able to produce sperm of rats in the laboratory, paving the way for the artificial production of human sperm, which could revolutionize treatments fertilidade.O study, published in the journal Nature, details of cell culture mother leading the male sperm and female eggs. The cells were placed in a gelatinous substance similar to that found in testes. gelatinous substance called agar culture system smooth, is already used in other studies with Professor Huleihel reproduction celular.O Mahmoud, University of Ben-Gurion the Israeli Negev town, celebrated the discovery. "The study should open new therapeutic strategies for infertile men who can not produce sperm or pre-teens with cancer who are at risk of becoming infertile due to aggressive treatment with chemotherapy and radiation," diz.O study was conducted in collaboration with Professor Eitan Lunenfeld, Soroka University, Beer-Sheva, Israel, and Professor Stefan Schlatt, University of Münster in Alemanha.Segundo the Nature article, the sperm produced in the laboratory had "normal morphology". The experiment was also able to successfully reproduce the acrosome, the front espermatozóide.O article says that the gelatinous substance used in the experiment "can be used in test tubes for germ cell maturation stage in mice pre-mitosis of post-mitotic. "

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