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Lybia: I am worry because the rebels dont cry "freedom" but "Allah Ahbar"...


I remember to the fall of the etrusquian Tarquinius dinasty (The Kings for the Markets) in Rom (Annus 509 B.C)..The Tarquinius dinasty made the foro, the circus, the monuments, the cloaquen, the street,etc and give earth to the poors...When come the República the people say that come the freedom but was the old oligarchy and the priests to the power..Quickly come the poverty for the people and the socials riots..And countrys that are around Rom attack the twon and Rom fall (...Left with only 50 milles around)..I hope that dont pass same story with Lybia but I am worry because the rebels dont cry "freedom" but "Allah Ahbar"...

http://pajamasmedia.com/barryrubin/2011/08/22/libya-the-dictator-has-fallen-long-live-fill-in-the-blank/ (Links from Jonah Elsouth)

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Autor: Trespiras

Pues parece que Libia no recuperará su producción de petróleo de hace un año hasta dentro de otro año..

Fecha: 22/08/2011 23:19.

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