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ALL of you who have been so close to us these days, thanks for your presence and support.
Had wanted to write a long letter, not to answer you, rather that compartiesemos those mo ...ments, those who have come to Israel and is abandoned to the cruelty of those around us, or disgusted by the silence of the media in France ... Also for those preparing to come and are detained for their next, assaulted by dudas.Nosotros we discussed in the yeshiva and remembered the miracle that one day the man goes and finds that ... is what I want pueblo.Es tell, the story of people who found it to be ONE!
Ministers and generals in a circle with artisans and scholars ... old, young, with kipots of all colors, tamaños.Religiosos, atheists, believers ... Some brought pizzas, other pastries, other soup pots, toys, packages ...
Buses full of children, whole classes, students yeshivots, carloads of laborers at the port of Ashdod, down with his hands full of drinks ... a Hasidic family "came to console you ... this summer our minibus shattered as a train, we lost our little girl, life has begun again and we had a girl and a boy ... "
Then came an old Druze in the Galilee, with his hands full of cakes (we said he had been careful to buy kosher!) And spoke thus: "I needed to come to give you my blessing," ... And it was the owner of a supermarket, You have free food in my shop every week as you want to. "And there came a Hasid who told us, I have a party room, your children will have the free wedding when casen.Y phoned Jonathan Pollard’s wife to tell her husband joined us and supported us, "You have a father there ... in America." And this young teenager who came to Dimona (180Kms) `to say one sentence ... a ... comfort to Tamar, which only has 12 years, and then returned to Dimona ... and the friend he called France and spoke the thus: "We offer a sefer and do aliyah ..."
Let me share with you the following thought ... I’ve heard those seeking an explanation for this drama "The Eternal, quote, is hard on their next and punishes for them away from sin", the tzaddikim atone for them and for their neighbors and not His sacrifice is in vain dijeron.Pero these explanations were too logical, intellectual, have been reluctant to hear it ... This week I saw a family that wanted to know what was the purpose or why it happened ... a family that came to the limit I had questions, but next to it was all the people of Israel.Y by such love and unlimited free this town appeared to me ... without máscara.CON transformed all its beauty and delicacy. COURAGEOUS AND HEROIC THAN EVER!
In both sensitive and humble, so humble that he could protect the Eternal Gd .. Thanks for making me my Jew and Gd let me be worthy.

Chalom Wach

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